PDA Board & Staff

Staff Members

Dave Robison, Executive Director, 360.860.7943

Todd Gubler, General Manager, 360.912.3538

Diane Moody, Chief Financial Officer, 360.344.4446

Larry Sammons, Director of Facilities, 360.344.4400 ext. 310

Kristan McCary, Director of Food Services, 360.390.4234

Gerda Jorgenson, Senior Sales Manager, 360.969.7835

Daniele Costello, Director of Guest Services, 360.344.440 ext. 514

Megan Lehr, Assistant to the General Manager, 360.301.8326

Megan Claflin, Communications & Grant Writing Specialist, 360.344.4400 ext. 305

Housing Reservations, 360.344.4400

Camping Reservations, 360.344.4431


Board Members

Norm Tonina, Chairman

Gee Heckscher, Vice Chairman

Jeffery M. Jackson, Treasurer

Jane Kilburn, Secretary

Cindy Finnie, Immediate Past Chairwoman

Harold Anderson, Board Member


Bill Brown, Board Member

Herb Cook, Board Member

Kate Dean, Board Member

Lela Hilton, Board Member

Bill James, Board Member

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