Fort Worden PDA Mission, Vision Values 

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Board Meeting: January 27, 2016
Commons B, 9am-12pm

Board Meeting: December 16, 2015
Commons A, 9am-12pm

Draft Agenda

November Resolutions

November Financials 

Board Meeting: November 18, 2015
Commons B, 9am-12pm

Draft Agenda

October Minutes

October Financials

Local Government Investment Pool Resolution 

Staff Report


Fort Worden Coordinating Committee Annual Meeting
Monday, October, 19 2015
1 p.m. - 4 p.m. | Seminar Building, Fort Worden
Draft Agenda 

2015 Upcoming Board Meeting Dates

Wednesday October 28, 2015

Wednesday November 18, 2015

Wednesday December 16, 2015

Next Board Meeting: October 28, 2015, Fort Worden Commons B, 9:00am-12pm

Board Meeting: October 28, 2015

Draft Agenda


September Financials

Staff Report

Board Member Report

Executive Committee Meeting: September 30, 2015


Board Meeting: September 23, 2015

Draft Agenda

Draft Minutes from August 26, 2015 Board Meeting



Staff Reports

Partner Booking and Reservation Process

Board Member Reports

Community Meeting September 17, 2015:  Click here to view the Document, Draft Appendix, Market Study

Board Meeting: August 26, 2015

Draft Agenda

Draft Minutes from July 29, 2015 Board Meeting


July Sales Report

Supplemental Capital Budget

Energy Audit Contract

Fort Worden Lifelong Learning Center: Program Development and Capital Improvement Plan


Board Meeting: July 29, 2015

Draft Agenda

Board Meeting Minutes for June 24

June 2015 Financials

Policies and Procedures

Port Townsend School of Woodworking (PTWWS) Furniture Project

FWPDA Preliminary Capital Project Plan Outline

Staff Reports

Board Member Recruitment


Board Meeting: June 24, 2015

Draft Agenda

Board Meeting Minutes for June 1

Board Meeting Minutes for May 27

New Housing Policy for Review

Memo from Executive Director on Guardhouse Renovation

May 2015 Financials 

Signal Architecture & Research (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Seminar Investment Project

Advanced Deposits - PDA Policy 15

Board Meeting:  May 27, 2015

Draft Agenda

Draft Minutes from April 29, 2015 Board Meeting

Draft Minutes from April 7, 2015 Board Meeting


Interagency Agreement with DES


Staff Reports

Board Meeting:  April 29, 2015

Draft Agenda

Board Meeting Minutes for March: Review_Approve on April 29, 2015

Special April 7 Board Meeting Minutes - Approve on April 29, 2015

Quiet Flight At Fort Worden:  Continuing The Tradition - Overview

MOA between Port Townsend Silent Flight Association and the Fort Worden PDA

Resolution # 15-02 to Designate a Public Records Officer and Declaration that the FWPDA is not requird to maintain an all-inclusive index of Public Records

Resolution 15-03 adopting Financial Policies 

Resolution 15-04 authorizing the Executive Director to enter into Contracts for Improvements to the Guardhouse

     #  010 - Administration of the Budget;   011 - Financial Management;   012 - Asset Inventory;   013 - Board Member Expense Reimbursements;   014 - Investments and Banking;   015 - Credit Card Security

Financial March Reports

   Fort Worden March 2015

   Fort Worden Budget vs. Actual March 2015

   Fort Worden Balance Sheet March 2015

   Food Services March 2015

   Food Services Budget vs. Actual March 2015

   Food Services Balance Sheet March 2015

   Discover Pass Sales Report March 2015

Charrette of April 23-24, 2015

    Charrette Packet Document Guide; Charrette Packet; Charrette Survey Responses; Fort Worden Partners Strategic Plans Part 1, Part 2

Staff Reports:

Special Board Meeting:  April 7, 2015

Draft Agenda

ArtX Terms and Conditions, Staff Recommendation


Board Meeting  March 25, 2015

Draft Agenda

Friends of Fort Worden Statement

Board Meeting Minutes for February review_approve March 25, 2015

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes for February review_ approve March 25, 2015

Review Proposal to Establish a Petanque Terrain at Fort Worden

Review of ArtX Lease

Review of Master Use RFP Process, Consultant Selection and Contract to Proceed

Review of Master Use Plan & Business Investment Strategy

Financial February Reports

February Financials

Staff Reports:

  Organization Chart Report

  Sales Pace Report

  Upcoming Events

  Marketing Ads

Board Member Reports

Possible Board Motions

Board Meeting:  February 25, 2015

Draft Agenda

Meeting Minutes for January approved February 25, 2015

Review of Fort Worden Public Entity Compliance Components, Finance Management and Reporting

Review of Draft 2015 Budget and Staffing Plan

Financial Reports:

  Food Services - January 2015

  Fort Worden - January 2015

  Discover Pass Sales

Master Use Plan:

  Request for Qualifications & Scope of Work

Capital Projects Reports:

  Building 501 Cablehouse Canteen

Letter of Interest to Become a Partner

Board Meeting: January 28, 2015

Draft Agenda

Meeting Minutes for December 17, 2014 approved January 28, 2015

Meeting Minutes for January 14, 2015 approved January 28, 2015

Training on Open Public Meetings Act & Public Records Act

DRAFT Master Policy Establishing & Delineating the administrative authority of the Excecutive Director

2015 Partner Lease Extensions

2014 Year End Report & 2015 New Initiatives

December Sales Report:

  Leads & Inquiries


Finance Team Project

Finance Reports:

  Fort Worden - December 2014

  Food Services - December 2014

2015 Finance Budget

Out of State Travel Request Approval

Building 202 Update

PDA/Partner "Culture" Workshop

Capital Projects



Special Board Meeting:  January 14, 2015

Draft Agenda

Food & Beverage Service at Fort Worden

Financial Report - Food Service - December

Draft 2015 Food Service Budget

Future of Food Service Facilities

Staff Finance Team Project

Resolution of 2nd Amendment to NoaNet Interlocal Agreement for Managment of Wi-Fi & Local Area Network

2015 New Initiatives - Board Discussion

December Sales Report:

  Leads & Inquiries



Board Meeting:  December 17, 2014

Draft Agenda

Meeting Minutes for November 12 & November 26  & December 9 Approved December 17, 2014

Financial Reports:

  Operations - November 2014

  Food Service - November 2014

November Sales Report:

  Leads & Inquiries


Special Board Meeting:  November 12, 2014

Draft Agenda

Meeting Minutes for October Approved November 12, 2014

Financial Reports:

  Fort Worden - October 2014

  Food Service - October 2014

DRAFT Resolution for Small Works & Vendor Roster Process with Municipal Research Services

DRAFT Memorandum of Agreement between Peninsula College, Peninsula College Foundation, City of Port Townsend & Fort Worden

DRAFT 2013-2015 State Parke / PDA Maintenance Plan

October Sales Report:

  Leads & Inquiries


Board Meeting:  October 29, 2014

Draft Agenda

Meeting Minutes for September Approved October 29, 2014

Financial Report:

  Fort Worden - September 2014

  Food Service - September 2014

Discover Pass Sales - September 2014

September Sales Report:

  Leads & Inquiries


Sales & Front Desk Position Descriptions


Executive Committee Meeting October 20, 2014

Executive Agenda


Board Meeting for September 24, 2014

Draft Agenda

Meeting Minutes Approved September 24, 2014

Food & Beverage Services at Fort Worden

Food & Beverage Roles & Responsibilities at Fort Worden

Food & Beverage Executive Chef Job Description

Food & Beverage Front of House Job Description

Financial Report

August Sales Report - Leads & Inquiries

August Sales Report - Activity Report

August Sales Report - Booking List

Planning Commission Recommendations

Discover Pass Sales

Organizational Chart - Staffing Needs

Maria Muldaur Event

Building 202 - Tax Credit Agreement

Board Member Term Expiration List

Mission, Vision Statement  Draft


Board Meeting: August 27, 2014

Draft Agenda

Meeting Minutes Approved August 27, 2014

Fort Worden Food & Beverage Service Roles & Responsibilities

Front of House Job Description

Executive Chef Job Description

Food Services at Fort Worden

Financial Report

Lead Sheet/Inquiries/Contacts

Activity Report


Fort Worden PDA August Workplan

Discover Pass Marketing Plan

FWPDA Mission Statement DRAFT

Board Meeting: July 23, 2014

Draft Agenda

Meeting Minutes Approved July 23,2014

Financial Report

Staff Report: Group Report

Staff Report: Update on MOU with Peninsula College

Staff Report: ATRIO Update

Discover Pass Flyer

Fort Worden PDA Governance Bodies

Fort Worden PDA Workplan

Appointment of Claim Insurance Agent

Agreement for Collaborative Services

Meeting Minutes (FWPDA) June 25, 2014


Board Meeting: February 26, 2014

Draft Agenda

Coordinating Committee Matrix

Executive Committee 2-6-14

Executive Committee 2-24-14

Hospitality Committee 2-12-14

Meeting Minutes (FWPDA) 1-29-14

Board Meeting: April 23, 2014

Draft Agenda 3-23-2014

Draft Agenda 5-28-2014

FWPDA Personal Policy Manual 4-14-14

Line of Credit Resolution 3-14-14

Promissory Note

Red Line Resolution 2-14-2014

Board Meeting: January 22, 2014

Draft Agenda 

FW GM IV Protocol, Bennett Mitchell

FW GM IV Protocol, Deighton

GM Hospitality Offer, Deighton, Board review

Maureen Mitchell Bennett

Board Meeting: January 29, 2014

Draft Agenda 

Coordinating Committee By-laws Draft 1-29-14

Exec Comm 1-6-14

Financial Report

FW Broadband Planning Outline v2

Fort Worden PDA Meeting 1-22-14

Fort Worden PDA Meeting Minutes 12-11-13

Board Meeting: May 28, 2014

Draft Agenda

Draft Agenda, Coordinating Committee 5-30-14

Executive Agenda 4-28-14

Exec Comm 4-28-14

Mobilization Budget, Balances as of 3-14

Mobilization Budget, Balances as of 4-15

Comerford Proposal

Fort Worden PDA Meeting 3-19-14

Board Packets April 2, 2014

Draft Agenda

Draft FWPDA Resolution 4-1-14

NoaNet ILA, FINAL 4-01-14

Resolution re Small Works Roster 3-31-14

Board Packets March 19, 2014

Draft Agenda

Coordinating Committee Memo 3-14-14

Mobilization Budget, Balances  3-3-14

PDA Meeting Minutes 2-26-14




Program Development and Capital Improvement Plan on


Thursday 9/17 at 7pm - Commons A.


Document will be posted here prior to the meeting.